Prayer House

Located @ Bethania: A Prayer House for the City of Cardiff

To pray for:

  • God to move by His Spirit so that our City may be known as a place where ‘Jesus is’
  • Justice and righteousness to prevail at all levels

To worship

  • Alone or in times of corporate praise and seeking God
  • In rest and refreshment in the presence of God

Currently we are open

Thursdays from 9:30 – 1:00pm

  • A prayer room for quiet reflection and intercession for individuals and small groups
  • A worship space for groups to worship and seek God together
  • A prayer corner to display items for prayer across the city

Worship and Prayer for the City

  • Monthly on Sundays: see Prayerhouse events page for details

Prayer Conferences

  • The occasional morning or day conference with the focus on prayer and seeking God: see Prayerhouse events page