Bethania Blessing

We bless our church, our neighbours, businesses, and schools in Trowbridge and our families, friends and colleagues in the name of Jesus.

For our Neighbours

That mercy and grace may flow from your throne through our church and out to every home (Heb 4:16)

That there will be a new springtime of blessing for each child and their families (Songs 2:11-12)

That there will be freedom through the good news of Jesus, release from poverty, oppression and physical and mental health (Luke 4:18)

That they will be kept safe from harm and that they will prosper.

For our Church Family

For each member of our church family to be fulfilled in life and ministry.

That we will have wisdom, maturity, steadfastness, boldness and confidence to go where Jesus would have us go and say the words He would have us say in every situation (Is 55:11-12)